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Women’s Luxury Winter Coats: Dress in Style for the Canadian Cold

Women’s Luxury Winter Coats: Dress in Style for the Canadian Cold
The winter months can be tough enough without having to compromise on your individual style. Canadians know how harsh the cold can be – wind chill, heavy snow fall, and freezing rain warnings can really drag you down! Shopping for a new winter coat can be daunting, especially when the style choices are all bulky and don’t appeal to your personality. Starting with an online search can inspire you to find the perfect winter coat. Women’s luxury winter coats are an investment in your personal comfort. Down-filled jackets have the best insulation compared to synthetic materials. What is the difference between the two and does luxury always reflect functionality?

Down vs Synthetics

Down is the "fuzzy” underside of feathers from duck or geese. The down is stuffed into the lining of women’s luxury winter coats. There are little spaces created in the jacket, trapping warm air within the layers of fabric keeping you toasty warm despite biting wind chill. While goose down has a higher fill power, (insulation rating), duck down is very comparable. Goose feathers are larger and therefore the down creates more efficient pockets the warm air can settle in. Duck feathers are smaller, but the best Canadian made women’s luxury winter coats have a high fill power of 750 – which is an excellent rating. Duck is more in demand for both meat and eggs, so the feathers are easier to acquire to make the down material. Using duck down makes the jackets more affordable while having an efficient fill power rating. One of the draw backs is down is water permeable and it can take some time to dry out a jacket after substantial exposure to moisture from snow or freezing rain. Using a 100% nylon material for the shell will prevent the down from getting wet.

Synthetic materials are more water resistant than down from geese or duck feathers. They are more cost-effective but do not last as long as down material. Made of polyester fibres that mimics down, the synthetic material traps heat but not as effectively. The poly fill is easier to maintain but is bulkier and can compromise the style of the coat. For a sleek style parka, women’s luxury winter coats are better filled with down. For a heavy and puffy style, both down and synthetic materials will complement that look.

Shopping Online for Luxury Winter Coats

Online shopping can be difficult, especially when investing in such a high-ticket item as a luxury coat. The best Canadian retailers will offer free swatches to their customers – so they can touch and feel the product before clicking on "add to cart.” Other great service features of top-rated online retailers include access to social media platforms where you can get a sense of the brand’s style. Does this style appeal to you? Would you wear the women’s luxury winter coats they sell in those settings? Also, blogs are a great read to give you a better understanding of style trends and technical features. Choose a women’s luxury winter coat retailer based in Canada – who better to understand the needs of protecting yourself from the harsh weather you will face for the next five months!

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